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 Kaiketsu Zorro

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Feminino Peixes Rato
Mensagens : 139
Idade : 22
Localização : DreamsLand

MensagemAssunto: Kaiketsu Zorro   Dom Jun 13, 2010 7:07 pm

"Don Diego de la Vega returns from his study trip to discover his homeland is under the army's dictatorship. Diego, refusing to watch idly, disguises himself as Zorro to protect the weak and oppressed. Diego is not a coward but he is unable to win the affections of his sweetheart, Lolita Prideaux, who is attracted to other more noble men. Diego serenades Lolita as Zorro and fights the evils of his homeland, hoping to capture her heart.

Diego is accompanied by the silent Bernardo, a boy wearing a similar costume, dubbed "Little Zorro", and a small brown dog."


Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro
The main character of the series. When he is simply Diego he acts lazy and clumsy, usually showing cowardly, foolish and silly characteristics to hide his secret identity but as Zorro he is the best swordsman in the world. Diego (like his father) is always very calm and reasonable, unlike Lolita and Bernardo, that they are very hot-headed, stubborn and unreasonable.

Lolita Prideaux
The female protagonist of the series. Diego's spunky blond childhood friend and later became love interest. She's bossy over Diego but she loves Zorro.

Bernardo/Little Zorro
The co-protagonist of the series, an abandoned orphan found by Diego when he's still a baby. Diego adopted and took care of him as if he's his younger brother and even his son. As years passed, he helps Zorro by eavesdropping in other people's conversations and later develops an alter ego "Little Zorro". This role was popularized by pantomime comedian Gene Sheldon.

Commandant Raymond
The main antagonist of the series. The corrupt head officer of the Spanish Army in California. He is later killed by Zorro in a swordfight.

Lieutenant Gabriel
The second main antagonist of the series. An officer of the Spanish army who has an affection to Lolita. He is the right hand conspirator of Commandant Raymond on each of their evil plots in California. He is defeated and arrested in the end of the series.

Don Alejandro de la Vega
Don Diego de la Vega's Father.

Sergeant Pedro Gonzales
Stout sergeant who often serves as the comic relief, or the anti-villain. comparable to Johnston McCulley's character from 1920's The Mark of Zorro.